March 02, 2003

Eintracht Braunschweig - FC St Pauli

Niki sparked the idea and word spread like a virus: let's rent a bus and support the Club at its away game in Braunschweig. Phone calls were made, emails were sent and the organisational skills of the BrownHeartsUnited (BHU) were probed to the max. When the big day arrived, the Kiel gang had missed the train and arrived on the scene by cab (90 minutes, 80 Euros). Steffi and Katrin spent hours in the kitchen to prepare 40(!) sandwiches for everyone. In the end, 17 brave man and women boarded the rented bus at Dammtor Station, equipped with essential support gear (flags, skarves, whigs, etc.) and cases of Astra. It was a bright and sunny day and there was only one goal: help lead the Club to a very, very important victory.
Two hours on the road to Braunschweig were an excellent opportunity to get to know eachother better since many of the BHU members met for the first time. It was also an opportunity to study our drivers closely, hard-core fashion victims with trend-setting hair-cuts and prison-stlye tattoos.
Upon arrival in Braunschweig we were greeted by a friendly police man who escorted the bus to the stadium on his motorcycle.
The actual game was a nervewracking thriller. A self-goal of Braunschweig's keeper in the first half heated up the supporters of both teams that were fighting hard but did not seem to manage to clear the way for more goals. In the end, FC St Pauli's fighting spirit paid off and the 0:1 win was proudly celebrated, in the stadium, on the bus during the ride home and at Burger King where the BHU was awarded the winner's crown. We deserved it!
We returned to Hamburg at midnight, tired warriors after a won match, who parted in friendship and agreed that this trip was a true success. We shall meet again. We will win again. You never walk alone.

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