February 22, 2003

Dear St. Pauli fans!

Time has come to finally and officially introduce you to our own FC St. Pauli fan club - The Brown Hearts United (BHU).

Founded in May 2002 by Steffi, Anne, Niki and Peter, the club is now ready to welcome the first, carefully selected members. The initial idea for the Brown Hearts was born last season when the FC played in the German Bundesliga. As many times before, St Pauli finished last, lost most of their games relegated to Bundesliga 2. Never the less we experienced also last season some memorable moments – e.g. the great 2-1 at home against Bayern Munich on March 6 – and the club enjoyed continuous support and popularity. Consequently, one day last spring after some Astra-bombs Steffi had the idea to organise a fan club – for the love of the game, the love for St. Pauli, the love to have fun with good friends and…

A long phase of creativity lies now behind us. Ideas have been generated, discussed, some were discarded and some are about to be realised. A name was found, the club officially registered, a domain reserved and a board elected (so German…) to drive and run the whole show. Steffi is proud to have been elected President for life time. Niki (der Banker) certainly functions as Vice President Finance, Anne as VP International Division and Peter as VP Public Relations.

It is the goal behind the Brown Hearts United to form a large international community of fans and friends of the FC St. Pauli. In fact we aim at becoming the most international fan club of them all. The love for the sport of football and the fun and joy connected with it are our driving forces. We do not tolerate any form of violence and racism! A liberal and cosmopolitan attitude should be our trademark. Joint activities will unite us as often as possible.

The Board of the Brown Hearts United

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