June 15, 2003


BHU party

The Board will soon announce date and details.
Be prepared for a happening.

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We are so cool

or: So geil sind wir...

April 2002
First step of the foundation -
Ideas have been generated, discussed,
some were discarded and
some are about to be realised.
Steffi and peter bubbled about first ideas…

History of the BHU logo

May 2002
The Brown Hearts United fan club is born!
Founded members: Steffi, Anne, Niki and Peter
First invitation to selected people is send out

July 2002
First board meeting.

Oktober 2002
We are proud to have already 24 members from three different countries!

December 2002
First official get together of the BHU in form of a christmas celebration at the lovely pub Seepferdchen (Hein-Hoyer-Str.) after the last home game of 2002 against Alemania Aachen

St. Pauli vs. Aachen 0:4
Participants: 25
Large consumption of Kümmerling (112 bottles) and Astra (130 bottles)
DJ: Matthias Peters
Letzte Gäste: Peter Hage, Marc Wessendorf
Puke count (Anzahl Kotzer): 3-5

Februar 2003
First official “away-win-trip” to Braunschweig - we had a tremendous time!

Up to all of us…

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hallo roman

lieber roman,

immer wieder gehst du heimlich auf unsere seite und bist enttäuscht, dass nichts unter der rubrik "crazy shit" zu finden ist.
demnächst wirst du hier spektakuläre fotos finden...

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June 02, 2003

FC Bayern Munich benefit match

Put this date into your agenda: 12. July 2003. FC Bayern Munich will visit Hamburg for a benefit match in support of FC St. Pauli. The match will take place at Millerntor stadium.

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